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Social networks are now part of a mass media where most users become guys who are in their teens or young adults having fun and want to be closer to people who want them as friends, family and even artists who admire for a social network that was created, which is very popular among boys called Facebook; This network contains many tools that makes it fun and convenient stay for all, has a chat where you can even make a video call.

create a Facebook

Each time, Facebook includes or modifies certain tools to keep pace of youth, the latest additions would be the new emoticons that were created and other forms of reacting to any publication other than just a like. Joining Facebook is not that complicated, and I will now show you how to create a Facebook account.

  • As a first step, we will go directly to the home page of Facebook,
  • There, we find a somewhat short form where you write the data to be asked as full name, date of birth; including email and password.
  • The data that has been written has to be completely certain, we will complete the captcha will be to confirm that we are real.
  • Finally, we will see the button Sign Up which with a click and have created our new account.

The youth of today enjoys more than technology, which covered many issues that have made us less complicated our lives, among them are the media, whether television, music, cell phones and other media as are the emails that have become very necessary for many people in the world to send important messages or files you want to send.


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