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The tools used on Facebook is different and has different areas for user to take part of it, as are the groups that are created by the same people to gather new people with the same interest, may even add people who are not necessarily of their countries and where we can see the cultural exchange is done through Facebook.

With this, we want you to join the family of Facebook, and if you do not feel close to this but want to have an account also to make use of its benefits, we will explain what you need to perform in order that you can how to create a Facebook account.

Create a Facebook Account

  • Now, we go to the Facebook page as a first step, for that there are two options, the first is look in google and the second by simply typing
  • On this page we can see a form on the right area, where it will be that digitalis our data with complete sincerity.
  • The password will be asked us what we use every time you want to log in with your Facebook account, so we will be careful when writing of not having the capital bloq activated.
  • Finally, give a click on register and we already created our Facebook account.

The internet is the media one of the most used in the decade, especially the younger ones who are always connected to it and want to communicate with friends or feel closer to their artists; social networks were the solution for this to happen, one of the best known is Facebook, which was created in the US by some university students and was extended because of his fame until we have millions of users worldwide, Facebook each year is modified or modernized more with their users not to get bored of it and attract more people.

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