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Facebook at Mozcon – Alex Whether or not it was ever intended, Facebook has become a marketing giant. So many people use Facebook on a daily basis that it’s impossible for any tech-savvy business owner to ignore it. Just creating a social media profile alone can tremendously boost a company’s marketing efforts. However, there’s more to be done to get the full potential of Facebook marketing.

Below are some Facebook marketing ideas that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. These ideas can be difficult to implement, but are proven to have great results in the field.

The Unintended Uses Of The Cover Photo.

Okay. It’s not technically a banner. Facebook refers to this new option as a cover photo, but for business owners everywhere, it’s a free chance to include a highly-visible banner throughout their network. The cover photo is a fairly new option that is accessible to normal pages and fan pages alike. However, it’s the unintended uses of the cover photo that really give it its merit.

What makes the cover photo such a great marketing tool is its extremely high visibility. When a business owner creates a fan page with a cover photo, that photo, or banner, is not visible on the profile page of all of its fans. As more and more people become fans of the fan page, the banner will become visible to larger networks of people. Some of these people will check the page out, become fans, and continue to spread the good word.

Learning to create a high-quality, engaging cover photo is one of the great, innovative marketing plans that will really get you off to a good start. The cover photo has proven to be a very likeable features, so it’s safe to believe that it won’t be going anywhere in the near future.

Creating Posts People Want To Share.

It’s important for business owners to get likes on their posts, but it’s even better when they get shares. When a post is shared, it is given a chance to live on through new readers and viewers. Sharing a post can potentially attract a lot of new traffic, but creating posts people want to share isn’t very easy. People are far more willing to like a post than to share one.

Face Book Friends

For a post to be shareable, a reader has to like it so much that they are willing to associate themselves, or their Facebook page, with that particular post. It must either be highly-informative, entertaining, interactive, or unique. There are a lot of different strategies for increasing the “share ability” of a post, but the quickest method is to include a funny or like able image.

Humorous photos tend to be the most commonly shared posts on photo. Learning to incorporate humor into a business concept can be a fairly difficult challenge, but it has proven to be very rewarding. Using humor to increase shareability of a post is another one of the great Facebook marketing ideas that you should implement. Learning to apply humor to business will prove to be one of the great challenges.

Any business owner hoping to achieve success must learn to take advantage of marketing opportunities before they go out of style. Facebook likely won’t be leaving soon, but the most effective ways for using the platform are always changing


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