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The use of Facebook, not only do people who want to keep in touch with friends, family and people who work with them; but also the celebrities who want to be closer to their fans with photos or states; while we have the brands that want to interact with your target audience doing some games and see their reactions to improve their product.

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This social network has been improving and adding new tools for user application such as video calls, emoticons, gifs and variety of icons reaction for publications. If we want to join Create Facebook the most popular social network, we will have to follow a few steps to do so.

Steps for Register Facebook Account:

  • We will go first to the home page of Facebook in any browser by typing the URL or if we are looking at Google by clicking on the first option.
  • This will lead us to the Facebook page, we see there a form on the right side, which is where we write our information sincerely as they are important steps to create the account.
  • Here, we digitaremos our email, which should be the one to use more, if we have more than one, because it will be necessary if we forget any important data, then write an easy password to remember.
  • Now, as a last step, we click on Sign Up and so we will have created our own.

In the nearest years, we have seen how communication has been changing, making life easier for people to feel closer to people who are in a distant place; technology has taken much of importance to make this possible. Social networks have been a great help to communicate or be aware of things that can happen in places that we are not one of these social networks is well known Facebook, created in the United States about ten years ago.


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