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A bustling community of commentators on any blog is the BEST way to gain traffic and revenue. Our team of English-proficient writers will kick-start your blog's comment community with thoughtful, unique, and well-written blog comments!






What is Blog Commenting Service?

MySocialDude's Blog Commenting Service is a new service in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Now you can avoid the difficulties in finding someone to write the comments for you or buying unfairly priced automated blog commenting solutions. On the other hand, at MySocialDude.com, we are the experts in finding blog post for getting high quality backlinks.

Why Use MySocialDude's Blog Commenting Service?

Blog comments actually help your website rank better in the SERPs. MySocialDude.com has hired a group of experts who efficiently explore a list of blogs from a database program that we have developed for picking out relevant blogs in your niche. Further process involves reading through blog posts and leaving a logical comment that is valid for the blog post they read before. By doing this, their comments are always highly relevant and they won't get deleted by the blogger/moderator. Therefore your backlink is found permanently there on the targeted blog and provides you more authority and influence in the search engine rankings.

At MySocialDude, we have a team experts who are highly trained in copywriting and effective communication. As a result, they obviously are fluent in spoken English and write blog comments very well. Their comments are always rational and don’t get removed by the blogger or moderator.

Is Blog Commenting Service Legal?

YES, Buying Blog Comments is 100% ethical and NOT spam! When you buy blog comments from us, we always provide you premium blog comments. Our experts don’t continuously leave silly and spammy stuff like "Good Blog, please visit my site". MySocialDude’s blog comments are always logically relevant with the blog post that we are commenting on. They purely appear like completely natural comments written by someone just reading the blog post. Even you wont be able to distinguish our blog comments separately from others. In spite of this, most of the bloggers/moderators always love free comments to keep their web content fresh and their community alive.


What Can Buy Comments do For Your Blog?  Read On!

Did you start a blog to the sound of crickets? No one wants to read a blog that gets no traffic, but getting the discussion and community going on a blog can one of the hardest things to do! Don't fret though; when it's done right it is rewarding. A bustling community of commentators on any blog is the BEST way to gain traffic and revenue. Our team of English-proficient writers will kick-start your blog's comment community with thoughtful, unique, and well-written blog comments! Or, if your blog is all ready happening, we will add a new voice to the community. These are not "spammy" sounding blog comments; they will respond to the topic and ideals brought forth in your blogs. Expect 3-14 days (depending on number of comments) for full delivery due to HIGH demand!

How You Can Profit From Blog Comments?

Lots of comments make blogs more interesting, and people who have an interest in the specific topic ENJOY sharing their knowledge and opinions with others more than they enjoy simply reading about them. 

Why You Should Use Social Dude as Your Blog Commenting Service!

We ensure that we actually READ your blog post and comment appropriately. We NEVER post spammy comments such as, "Nice blog I like it". We add a voice to your community. We start conversations or keep them going. We add to the topic you have posted. We give opinions. We leave reviews. We look at each and every blog post and comment ACCORDINGLY. We do not use bots or software. A real human will read and comment on your blog, the same way a real blog reader would.

SEO - Link Commenting on Other Blogs - YES We do that too!

Due to high demand, we offer blog commenting packages where we will post various comments on OTHER blogs and include your link. This is a popular SEO method of gaining backlinks to your site. These packages cost more due to the nature of monitoring each post to ensure it was approved by the blog owner and generating a more intense report for our valued clients. Buy Comments Services today!

About Our Blog Commenting Services

  • Each posted comment is carefully worded, usually 10-50 words, depending on the topic.
  • The specifications of comment posting for each blog are strictly followed, so that all comments are assured of approval
  • We comment only on those blogs that are most popular (i.e., have high page-rankings)
  • Each comment is posted manually, ensuring that it is never denied and that you do not appear as a spammer to any moderator
  • We will post comments on a regular basis, so that your name and link remain in front of readers’ eyes.
  • Once your comment (and/ or link) is posted, it is there permanently
  • We use different names and IP addresses to comment, but at times (if you have more than one post on one blog), we have one or two "regular blog readers" who comment once on each post to appear as though they are frequent visitors. We will also use different names / IDs to make your blog or website look more "happening".
  • If you choose our commenting/link SEO service, you may choose three keywords or keyword phrases. In this way, we can rotate the keywords used when commenting on the same blog, again, so that you do not appear to be a “spammer.”

Don’t waste your time with SEO companies that do shady, automatic posting.  It is risky and often is a waste of your money.  Choose MySocialDude.com for a truly professional service with guarantees!


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